Living… is it Worth IT???

The body is tired… I expect it to always be so… including hubby… he’s learning… after nearly 20 years with RA… he’s learning, what I’ve lived with my whole life… never ending, all encompassing fatigue... yet somehow… I still served my country for 5 1/2 years…. what ya don’t know won’t hurt ya… at least the religious believe that…. my body would say other wise…

Even though we are not impacted by the pandemic, like most are… it creeps in with the news and contact with our family and friends…

Today, we had planned to remove all from the office and start the painting and preparing for the new fans…. hubby to shaky for the ladder today, so I got that chore, which meant tilting my head at odd angles… never a good thing to do if you have a herniated disc in your neck that could take your life… we accomplished our goal….

Accomplished goal, we set a few days ago… something I’m used to doing… planning a project and knowing it will take weeks to a month, instead of days… yep, our kids are in for a rude awakening… we have changed…. they just haven’t…..

So we look and we talk and we discuss and we think of staying on Hawaii…. right now it’s the safest place for us, with our health issues…

Time… only time will tell what we do or happens…. No call back from the dental surgeon, but really, you can’t text me the appt isn’t going to happen??? Trumpism and VA death care, how and why are evangelicals doing this to America???

Yes, we both ask the question at times… is it worth getting up the next day, when we know, the moment we move to get out of that bed, the pain starts… if it didn’t already, by waking you up… so we question??? Is living worth it???

We keep hoping we have a reason, and is just being together enough reason, to wake up an move onward…

Yep, life can wear you down, tear you apart and make you wish for no more tomorrows….

But if you went there… you would never know what could come out of here…..

Have a safe memorial day weekend… remember the lives that were laid down, so you could enjoy the freedoms my ancestors and family have fought for, since stepping on American soil as the first pilgrims….

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

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