Justification… a christian truth…

How many times over the years have I heard??? “It’s my right”, as a parent…. to hit my child or threaten my child…. mental an physical abuse, always generates abuse…. It’s my right to go into nature and disturb it, just for grins and giggles… with no knowledge of animal husbandry…. yep….

Justification is a christian thing, through and through….

Now LAWS… that’s a Humanity thing… and the religious have no value for laws, because…. their god forgives them….. beyond sighs… it made my head hurt just now… boggled by their thought process…

We have to learn as we walk through life… some of us run, because our flame burns brighter and shorter… but most like me, walk through it and marvel at every subtle thing about life….. my favorite, reading people…..

Justification is just another way of making excuses, because the task before you is to hard to accomplish… be it, a new mom… or out enjoying wildlife from a distance and with respect…. I can’t imagine someone coming in my home an grabbing one of my kids, yet we do it to wildlife all the time…

If you don’t respect nature and the only home we have????

How are you ever going to learn to respect each other????

If christians could learn to do that, that would be a miracle… and since miracles are events, yet explained… we know where I’m going on that thought….

Yep, watching this pandemic and all of you whine about the lock down and lack of this or that….

That is a veteran’s life every day, minus any health or mental care…..

Welcome to the real world America… and unless you vote, you will be living the life the evangelicals chose and if they are any thing like the Nazis… we know where that will head….

#TimesUp #MeToo #WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV, who was forced to face the real world, after christians beat her to death…..

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