Russia in the Senate….. Kentuckian is the leader…. Trump is the lap dog….

This man Mcconnell… For a suedo American, he is hell bent on making the rich, wealthier… an you, slaves to the debt his republican christians built for the rich man tax cut an a border wall that Will Never STOP COVID19…..

But hey, a wall will feed you, house you, clothe you an most of all, provide you health care… That is what billions are going for…. just so you can tell women of America we have ZERO say over our own bodies… We are slave to the white pasty god they elected…. Donald Trump……

Just the thought of Mcconnell or Trump touching me, makes Margie go screaming for the hills….

Take that picture to bed tonight… because if you are American, welcome to being raped an the word NO means Yes….

Just imagine four more years of being raped daily???? Catholic church can tell ya about that, now so to, can the rest of America… our new normal….

I remember Margie… Sgt USAF DAV

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