3 New Covid 19 Cases on Hawaii…

Just a note…

3 new cases on our island, just in from overnight testing….

Trump swears it gets warm an the virus goes poof… and Jesus is a child of rape… one statement based on science the other, based on mans silver tongue….

The virus will drop off as it warms if the humidity weighs it down… if not, the virus will live in the air an spread….

Hawaii is warm 365 days a year…. The virus is still active, an spreading in WARM WEATHER THAT IS HUMID…….

As I said before… We will not allow any visitors to our home on Hawaii…. until vaccines are available, we just became smoking hermits…. well baked, bibs are standard issue….so, we be good… sarcasm intended, maybe😈…

This is going to be like being in the military, stationed in a hell hole (which Hawaii is not, best place to isolate)…. but you would be so excited to get your orders you would post on your front door or barracks door “FIGMO” fuck it I got my ordersπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ˆ ….

an we are all going to be so happy, when Biden is president an we have proper health care for the pandemic an only then, can we think about moving….. an still no company…. lol

This virus cares not about your loves, hates, likes or pudknockers… its just looking for its next residence…. You…..

Accepting we are stuck on Hawaii for a couple more years, well the bangers are confused, because me yelling, “thank you for the aloha”, seems to be working… who knew psychology was so manipulative???😈😈😈😘

I remember Margie…..

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