Theology and Pandemic, don’t Jive….

As, with all things, I look for stories from all venues, so that I’m informed, not dumbed down, like Fox news wants you….

I was reading an article about a Hawaii business and the loss of revenue, due to tourist…. and this person said….. “It’s a cleansing”….

Now, you can look at it as a cleansing, but you are putting religion on the pandemic and the pandemic is not man made or is it???

We destroy more habitat every day and in the process, push our way into wildlife’s territory… but hey, whats a few animals and bugs????

Well, you are finding that out now… when you mess with mother nature… Nature gets even… so there, for those who believe in gods… I just justified your beliefs…. NOT….

Have you read about the changes in volcanic behavior of the earth, world wide??? If you haven’t you might want to… that is playing a big factor in where we move to next…. and you can thank global warming for the changes…. we lived it with our Lava flow a couple years ago… the more ice that melts, the hotter our core becomes and push’s up, into our environment… again, you can thank global warming and yahoo’s like Trump…

Again, I got nada… Last night’s heart beat thru my chest last night, was anything but fun… I’m exhausted, like I ran a marathon and I just don’t have the energy to show you the error of your ways, by believing in man’s gods… the earth is going to bust that bubble, if it hasn’t already….

Reality is like a lover… you have to want to welcome it under the sheets and get to know it… most idol worshippers believe in sin… I believe in laws, that I am so hoping brings down the Trumps and after the article about the Evangelicals buying the “ROE” thing…. hey, your money…. buying silence is what all rapist, murders, liars, cheats and thiefs do…. only ones I ever met, wore the label christian….

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV…. this is going to be a weird day, as last night’s nightmare opens up…. wheeeeeeeeeee

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