I got nothing… Woke up by my own heart beating out of my chest around 4AM, thought, okay what did I remember??? Fell asleep an 30 mins later the rooster is letting me know it wants the floodlight on as it travels our acre in the rain for breakfast…. chicken nuggets sound good at this moment!!!

Turn on the news an speculative opinion about Trump getting re-elected????


You yahoos put this clown back in office, it will just show my kids generation is dumber than dirt an seniors are all demented……

Now if Biden wins, oh geez, at least his closet has less skeletons than Trumps…

5AM, rain, warm an roosters…. land of aloha my ass… just another marketing tool…. to get you to spend your money here…. worth it??? You will have to come here to find out…. after you spend 14 days in quarantine……

Geez the thought of rapist Trump pres again, you peeps are on your own… Hawaii is a long way from that stupidity….


I remember Margie Sgt USAF DAV

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