Living on Credit…. hmmmm

When you lose everything to your hubby’s decline in health in a fast way, living on credit, gets scary…. an like many before, we lost it all, including our good credit…. that’s been a couple years…. when it was all over with and my good credit was back… I had bought and sold 3 properties and #4, is on hold….

When I read all that was out there about China an the virus, back in December… I started preparing, and yet it wasn’t enough…. We still had to use credit…. but this time is different… we are water locked an not going any place, any time soon… so, we are just continuing to hunker down… stock our pantry and freezer and wait, and hope to wake up tomorrow…..

For us, the pandemic is like preparing for hurricane season… we start in March and stock up to last us thru the summer, in case we get hit hard and travel across island is not possible…. I was on Japan for 6 years and 2 on Okinawa, both times…. Typhoons (hurricanes)…. Never be unprepared and expect the government to help…

We filled all our propane tanks… all the gas can’s are full and the vehicles are never below half a tank…. this is so we can run a generator and cook on the grill if we lose power… again, never expect the county to be there…

I guess, just telling ya, don’t trust Trump and his ass kisser’s…. get ready…. With money, with food and with what you need to live… don’t expect anything to change when the rebound of the virus starts up…. Hawaii is warm year round, and we have 2 new cases on our island… How and where is unknown…

I fear for our kids and theirs… isolating, just not in the DNA… and I’m reminded of the plague and the flu of 1918, that lasted 3 years and killed millions world wide… over half a million in America alone died….

If we were home right now… it would be, stay away from us, if you haven’t been vaccinated…. just that simple… I can fight a virus… I can’t fight your germs… they aren’t mine…. talk about coodie vil…..

My shelves are not full, one more big shop and that’s all I can afford… and it’s wait and watch, just like you… and most of all hope, that mother nature is kinder to us, than we have been to her…..


I remember…. Margie….. Tuesday’s child, full of grace… the woe part was….

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