Covid Tracing…

If you update your Iphone to 13.5, check your blue tooth settings…

This is how they will track you, according to the nerd page I read, its only when you are out an about… and they delete the tracing after 14 days?!? That one did not make sense… the 14 days…

According to the nerd I read, its not a tracking app., its an ability for your state to come up with that part… This update just makes it easier for developers to make the tracking part….

Sure more will come out on the privacy part… but Trumps instability is getting worse an who knows how the feds would use the info… Look at what they are doing to DACCA… In the wrong deranged hands like Trump an evangelicals, this could be used to round up different groups of people…. This is getting into big brother on steroids an Trump an his mental christians are not people this human will ever trust…

Our blue tooth ability is turned off, we don’t even use the stuff in my new car… want to be traced or ID theft, that is one way to let it happen…. been there an been through that, thanks, but no thanks…

I remember Margie

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