4AM came way to early… Again, the thought of setting off the sirens for our RING devices outside was ever soooooooo tempting…

Instead turned on floodlights, an the rooster is still spreading his joy🤬…. two cups of coffee later, banking done…. an the beggar is still crowing!!!

Watching news, an DOW is betting on your lives again…so glad I pulled out after I quit working…..

Hawaii still safe with the virus an life is picking up an rude is back on the table… Aloha, just another marketing tool….

So much for hot, so far, its like early spring, an we will take it… storms will be here soon enough….

Dog meds ordered, so one last trip to Kona to stock up till fall….see how bad the rebound is on the virus…. dogs covered till Jan on meds….

Our new normal… no sleep because of rude roosters an our neighbor…. counting the years till we can move😂😂😂virus changed months to years….

Be careful ordering from Walmart online, twice our card was charged over the amount, after the order was placed…we canceled two credit cards… Citi protected us, credit union, nope…but order will be taken to store for correction on charge…. they have a crook an I plan not to be a victim…

No bad or good dreams… pain is usual, an mouth… that nightmare is never ending an pandemic didn’t help….appts soon, I hope, not canceled yet….

Day started, still gets hot, just not suffocating yet…chores to be done an life to live…. have a great day…

I remember Margie, Sgt USAF DAV

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