Time waits for no human….

Hubby does not like social media…. Last night he closed his twitter account, after so much censorship by twitter an the promotion of corruption on twitter by christians, he had his fill….

Its just the blog now and it is fast becoming a thorn in my side…

Truth only has value if you respect life an christians an muslims destroy an defame human life….that is evident by history an every time Trump opens his hole…..how does he an McConnell look in the mirror, let alone how do the women not run screaming for the hills every time these men touch them, talk about make your skin crawl, Trump an McConnell do that in spades….but all christians do that to me, true story….

I said a change was coming, an if things do not change on the blog, our last social media will be eliminated, just like we eliminated corrupt christians in our lives…. they are on the outside looking in….so can everyone else….

As for our well being an health, if you don’t pick up the phone, guess you’ll never know, that privacy I always enjoy, just came home last night, when hubby quit christian twitter…

Life is like a box of chocolates, the candy could care less about its difference, to bad you can’t look at each other the same way… Bigotry is a choice an the religious are bigots on steroids, just look at Trump an Pence….

I remember Margie… SGT USAF DAV

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