Why are Christians Trying To Kill YOU??? edited


My question???

Why are humans who became christians hell bent on destroying you an yours???

They are so hell bent on this rapture they invented, they decided to sacrifice all of us for their man made god Trump…

No clue about you, but garlic necklace, silver for bullets an upside down crosses are going on my property…

Christian Voodoo was around for the Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials an Trumps presidency…

I dare ya assholes, bring it…., I have no problem sacrificing your sorry ass for humanity… You have no problem murdering me for your man made raping god….

An eye for an eye an dead hubby taught me how to use that 44 magnum…. happy dance…..

It took ten full minutes before google allowed the email on the blog to post… Humans playing god, like they have since the beginning of time an that you can bank on….

I remember Margie who survived rape an murder by christians…

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