Balancing the Budget….

I keep losing $23.32 in my checking account… odd, but it’s a check I wrote and the amount keeps disappearing from the account… crime in action??? Nope, I’m terrible with numbers, it goes with my brain injury… Just like I have crappy short term memory function… that’s where the injury shows up on the MRI scan…

Will that ever change… I don’t know, not as long as I am smoking medical pot… no matter your genius… that stuff will take you away from doing math or any other complex action… just saying the truth…

All that I’m dealing with physically… been through this before, but not during the time of living at home … nope, I never got the care I should have… just the abuse christians think they have a right to do… that’s all I got…

That being said… all the pain and discomfort, reminds me of what I went through when I was in the military… I just didn’t know, I shouldn’t have pushed my body so hard and now, I’m paying for it… in spades….

But that’s okay, I have a lot of catching up to do, to get my life to where quality is there… longevity was taken from me by the first shaken baby action…. and deep down, I’ve always known, I’ll get to live as long as I can fight for it… but it’s fatiguing… and yesterday was a reminder of how fragile my existence is and just how weak my body has become, because of the stenosis… a fatigue that started, immediately after the beating on Japan in 1968…. but Peggy got slapped once…. (you ought to see my expression!!!)

Blood passing from my body, something I’m familiar with and used to totally freak out over… when you have no organs to produce blood to be discharged… you know it’s not coming from a good place… again, this is old news, just being refreshed as the incident happens and drains my energy… all because christians beat upon a child… and Rape is magical?????

Both hand have revolted and woke me up at night… so I back off from the things I enjoy doing… just so I can cook and feed us and keep our home clean… it gets boring, when you can’t use your hands… again… christians beating on a child at 5 years old and breaking the wrists and fingers on the hands and damaging the knees… so many lumps on my body, from those blunt force trauma fractures… which FYI, a child can not inflict those injuries on themselves… this information is found in Forensics…

Yep, woke up this morning rested… 2nd night in a row… neighbors are moved… other neighbors almost done moving… less animals, less noise… hope springes eternal this continues….

Day started, hubby back from the walk, my body said no to, today….

Have a great day, we are going to be hot, humid and sunny…. Stay safe….

I remember… Margie…. Sgt. USAF DAV

Freedom of speech is an illusion… If you can buy what you want and google is doing exactly what twitter and face book did… Your voice your vote… Want people telling you who you can have sex with???? Then get off your ass and kick religion out of politics…. or your spouse or partner may be chosen for you… doubt me…so did those who shut me down and everything I wrote… EVERYTHING, came to pass.… boo

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