When Communication Fails because of you….edited

To those women, I use that term loosely… In my eyes, to be a woman… YOU OWN IT!!!! an they aren’t…. Easy peasy….

We have been talking where to move too… We are not drawn to any specific area… Not interested in anything east of the west coast… so that leaves the full west coast to choose from….

California has been home before, both boys born in that state… Oregon has so much arrogance, not sure thats a good fit an, Washington state holds the same interest as before an that to is waning….

With the pandemic, it makes me reset our goals…When not in control, you jump onboard for the ride…an no one is in control, except the mental ones, an that is a fact…

When it is all said and done… Hawaii could become our forever home…an the purse strings will get drawn tighter to protect me an hubby, because no one else will…

So, this morning, after reaching out yesterday an only getting one response…. yep, Washington state on the east side is becoming a distant thought and island life may become permanent….

Life is about choices, they chose not to respond…I have no problem closing the chapter… Done it before to other people…. Toxic is toxic, no matter the label, son, daughter, friend, brother or sister or mommy dearest… We decide who we let in our world…an so far, only one is playing the game….

I remember Margie, Sgt USAF DAV

Life is like a chess game…you can chose to be the rook or become king or queen, by OWNING YOUR LIFE…. not mans god, YOU!!!!

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