Today, A Breakthrough….. I Remember…..

Without batting an eye, I went into detail about a memory from childhood!?!?!

Stunned I drew hubby’s attention to the fact, I was talking a childhood memory….😳😳😳

What does this mean with my amnesia??? Hope…

The memory has to do with as far back as 16 years old… about the time I started making memories again after the beating upon our arrival… an I have seen clues that take me back to as close to Texas an my near death and Traumatic brain injury, an stroke….

Wow…. I say it lots, KNOWLEDGE is power….

My remembering about the issue with Almagam an thats spelled wrong, but metal filling they packed into teeth repair… I asked, why do I feel electrical discharge in my mouth???? I was a kid when it happened… YIPPEE!!!!!!

The electrical thing is nerves over active an heating things up an we all know our body carries energy….so…. peeps like me, can’t do any kind of metal implants in our bodies… I may not be allergic, but its already been proven about the neuropathy an stenosis…. its looking more an more like implants were never viable for me an I knew that an lost that memory because of what El Paso VA did on the operating table an hurt me, Nov 2011…. An I knew something was wrong an couldn’t get the memories to come forward….

Neurology again this summer… answers about the TBI an strokes on the MRI an the Stenosis…

Maybe by then, Ill know if Im right about not being able to do implants…. sinking feeling, IM STUCK WITH DENTURES Im allergic to, which is minor compared to the electrical shock an metal allergy…

I would be my own rechargeable battery for my IphoneπŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

What a draining day today…. I remembered lots…..

Have a nice evening, time for one massive bowl….

I remember Margie…..

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