Pandemic is King, WE are the Rooks….edited

As much as I want to plan, an do the normal??? What’s Normal???

News, feeling caged, not by mobility, but by the Pandemic….

It’s a unpleasant feeling when you are not in control, now is it???

Thank you world for jumping onboard for the Pandemic ride…

Now those that are of faiths an superstition, this is what the world feels, when you FORCE YOUR BELIEFS on us….an you are getting a taste of what YOUR CORRUPT BELIEFS do to us…

The pandemic cares not for your faith, beliefs or religion… IT, unlike your gods, just wants your body, soul an mind…. Your gods just want you to sell your soul…. you dumbed down your mind, because of fear….

Hmmmm Red pill, pandemic, Blue pill, beliefs….. Green pill….Reality….

See ya, jumping onboard Reality….. Green pill it is… Planet Earth…


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