Oahu VA Called….We called them😏

If I’m right about the metal allergy, lets find out now… If I’m wrong, doesn’t matter… Nothing can stop the neurological damage an electrical misfiring of those said nerves an there be a few in my mouth, duh….

So since I can’t confab with dentures in, because they fit so poorly…such excellent VA care ya know… hubby called them…

Dr. Kim should call in a couple days an have Hilo VA order the blood tests…

Hubby also bitched about the 3 teeth needing removed an proper fitting dentures…

You see, I’m a woman veteran who needs immediate care an can’t get national attention… But a senator will use a vet, who can’t get an appt national attention an I bet the dude need to get his Viagra refilled🤬😡😈😘

Waiting on call, an see what happens next…

Sgt USAF DAV! A woman who earned health care, but men vets get priority care for hard ons… True Story!!!!

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