Hawaii Land from Hell 🐔🐔🐔video

yep, you can’t see the whites of the eyes😡😡😡

Just a taste of what we get on our property line by a veteran who bought the two acres with animals an his desire, insuring we never sleep…

Rooster starts at 2AM an goes all day…. Thank you veteran, you really should watch your back…that RING Siren is going to start having a habit of going off at all hours….

Welcome to hell an its called christian Hawaii..for all the bull shit about Mauna Kea, they sold their souls for white mans heaven…

You can’t fix stupid an hurting a animal that humans use in this way, would be a christian thing…..

This human…plans to move🤪🤪🤪

Have a great day, a nap is in my future….

I remember Margie… Sgt USAF DAV

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