Cavus foot, exercise works…

Most annoying thing, wake up an my toes are curled an the arch is high in my feet, in the middle of the night…ugh!!!

Like I said, the exercise works, but it doesn’t last… Everything in my body is wound so tight, its going to take some PT an that means more pain…

As you can tell, the arch has decreased, and… I’m not curling my toes under…at this moment…

It takes daily stretches, lots of them just for the feet an legs… throw in spine an neck… everything is yelling quit…and, the minute I quit….

I will be back to square one… Explains why I have two different size walking shoes, toes straight, bigger shoe, toes curled, half size smaller….

Are we there yet???

All because christians beat on a 5 year old…Just wow, on you can’t fix stupid… One six feet under, the other, not that long left for these moments in time….

Back to watching the Zoo…. TV show, just FYI😂😂😂

I remember Margie… Sgt USAF DAV

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