Upside, Down….in the world of TBI….

Ever feel that way… like you are walking around in the world looking at it from upside down???

It’s a sensation that comes with Stenosis and brain injury, and since my neck and brain has bothered me since Japan… I got 50 years plus experience on the upside down feeling…

I can be sitting in my recliner and all of a sudden it feels as if I just dropped in an elevator from a 100 floors up… it’s a sensation that doesn’t last long, usually… well that’s not true… in New Mexico, I was bouncing off walls, so my neck was out of place big time and that happened after the surgery at the El Paso VA facility and what ever happened, it impacted my memory… so got a feeling the dumb ass yahoos, put my neck in a bad position after I told them I didn’t want to die at their hands…. makes sense….

Anyway…. when my neck made the cracking sound of bone breaking, before I saw neuro this year… it freaked hubby, I just thought, that should give me relief, as if I knew it would and it did… this memory game is confusing…..

The exercises for my cervical stenosis and herniated C5-6 are helping and it lets me know if I put my neck and spine in the wrong position; because the above happens… so, I’m learning what not to do, an my neck cracks as I turn my head, must not be much cushion left, weird I don’t feel the pain, but then again, I have extensive nerve damage….

What the PT kids taught me, is helping and working… as long as I do the exercises and when the above things happen and I want to puke my guts out because of the roller coaster ride my body thinks it’s on…. I’ll keep doing the exercises…. hopefully more PT in June….

I find myself flashing on the past, when it comes to my health care… and I can see the consistent pattern of my asking for help and getting the run around in the Air Force, Army and VA…. Civilian care has been my best option, but expensive, even on medicare…..

Right now, taking pain meds, mostly for my mouth… and what ever rearragning is going on with that structure… wore the dentures yesterday and in pain today… so enough writing, time for a pain pill…..

Have a great day….

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

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