So Many Die Too Early…

Working on ancestry an seeing how many in my vast family died during the last pandemic….

From new borns to 98 years old…. The last pandemic took much from many families….

I only know how those I am in direct contact are doing, an speculation is like religion… I’ll leave that for the mental side of the world….

Not a fan of the deep state of religion, but many are an will turn to it during a time of upheaval….

Watching the numbers climb… We are fairly safe on Hawaii as are most isolated populations… What I see, makes the plague an depression look like child’s play….

We were preparing before… now it feels like a race against time… The positive side of that for us…. not so for many, including mine….

A prepper by necessity, an optimist by choice… both lifestyles I embrace…. an why I survived christians…

Stay safe….

I remember Margie… Sgt USAF DAV

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