Rapist always blame victims…


The pandemic is no different… Christians will blame the workers, when in reality, management fucked up an left employees vulnerable, just like Trump is doing our nation… So the meat plants must be managed by christians if they are treating employees the same way christian Trump is treating the nation…

Monkey see, monkey do…an christians have as much humanity as the primates on earth…. NADA!!!

So thank christians an Trump for the spread of COVID…. because who else you gonna blame??? Ghost busters???

SGT USAF DAV I Remember Margie…

PS Google reads my blog, before allowing on their platform… Democracy is an illusion an if you doubt me… Well you can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix itself, an really, you think they are going to use that brain they were born with now????

Took 8 full minutes for the blog to transmit via email… so censorship by christians… BOO😂😂😂

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