Cavus foot, ever hear about it??? edited

If you study the picture on my front page, that shows me standing next to Freda… Look at the legs an feet… Are you a good detective???

These clues have been known to me for decades, but you have to have proof an that MRI I posted Dec 2018, says it all…

TBI an stroke at 13 years old… The strokes are more than one an long before the age of 13… I would say shaken baby syndrome is the cause of the right leg turned out…. so stroke number one happened before this picture at 5 yrs old… Such nice people these christians, beating up a child that told the truth…

I wonder what christians an Trump does to truth tellers??? Oh my bad, thats in your face right now, how christians deal with truth an reality… Make it fit their agenda….

The arch in my feet are relaxing, meaning my exercises are stretching things back out an its very obvious I NEVER GOT HEALTH CARE after the strokes or TBI…Typical Air Force cover up…

Hallelujah an amen for christian human bullies… May COVID have your name on it… Hope springs eternal that life never has a purpose an gods will always be mythological nonsense….

I remember Margie…Sgt USAF DAV

FYI!!! Google censors an is censoring this blog, they review before they let it publish on their platforms… Democracy is an illusion an don’t believe me, just open your eyes an quit dumbing down your brain….

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