67,000 deaths, boy was Trump an his base wrong….

I wrote we thought we would see 75,000 deaths in USA before July…

My bad, as psychics are cons…. Death is not something anyone should project… but…

Trump threw Americans under the bus for his corrupt christian base whose sole purpose, enslave women an tell us what we can do with our bodies??? NOT THEIR BODIES!!!!

BUT THE SKIN I WAS BORN IN!!!!! HALLELUJAH for dumb ass christians who think heart beats denote life….


IT IS the brain that denotes life….I know, I died at christians hands….

So to those that are dying because of COVID19, you can thank Trump an christians… They are the only gods on earth an only slave owners of humans, because they can not live with their own choices, so they want everyone to be stupid humans, like them….

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix its self an really after two years of writing, they just got more insane….an thats a fact, look at Grahams ads on TV, another religious bigot the UK said not welcomed in their country…but you yahoos, are his lap dogs….ewwwwwww

I remember Margie, Sgt USAF DAV

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