Truth Matters, but not to Christians…

Just the facts, something christians are devoid of… But hey, they THINK YOU NEED each other to thrive, an thats the crutch of the religious, they take your individuality an give you a man made god an man made sins, when in reality…. Humans are stronger when they dump human superstition an human gods an turn to themselves for support an not mans pasty human gods….

Always about choice, you can stand on your two feet or you can lean on mans, man made god that says rape is magical…

One is the path to a healthy mental an physical life, the other, slavery to a pasty white mans god….

I remember Margie, who won against mans man made god, it is six feet under an she is above ground an screaming from the rooftops to run from “MANS” man made god…. Sgt USAF DAV

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