Had Enough Doom & Gloom???

Me too…. but I have written for the last couple of years about being a prepper, so for us, it’s just not that big of a deal… I’m just stocking up on more items that I know will be hard to come by as certain industries break down….

When you have been on a island during natural disasters… hurricanes, earth quakes, fires, floods, tsunami’s, and my favorite the drought… which was miserable and the worse of all… but I learned, never count on my government and never be caught un-prepared again… so we took care of things when we first heard in January… and now….

Doom and gloom and I’m so ready for anything else on TV but doom and gloom….

Are you having nightmares??? I am and not PTSD ones either… you can feel it in the air and mood of the earth… people are afraid….

They are opening up the dental clinics for emergencies, but my implants… probably not happening… so we are looking at leaving… housing market here is still good.. an we will price to sell….

For now, it’s like everyone else… being cautious when out and among the general population…. letting everyone know, no visitors… until a vaccine happens, no one comes in our home…. no one….

So we marvel and walk around our little acre and stare in wonder at the Avacado tree I grew from seed, which produced last year at only 3 years old, this year, it is loaded… we gape at the couple dozen pineapple plants and 9 of them are producing… the orange tree is heavy laden, as is the grapefruit and lemon trees… and the old avacado at our driveway, we will be letting a farmer pick it… it has a huge load of Haas….

So, even though we hear nothing but doom and gloom…. I look around me and marvel at what earth has given us and hear hubby yell hawk an one fly’s low to steal that mouse….

Death is part of the doom and gloom, so too is life… an we get to watch all kinds of life thrive on Hawaii… for ever green…… for ever full of song….

I remember… Margie…. Sgt. USAF DAV

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