Thanks for the Memories….

Until we meet again……..

Covid19 is doing more for me, than hurting me…. weird huh???

No matter what anyone else says, I have some kind of edetic memory thing… and when the world goes into crisis, my brain gets a lot of what I call brain candy…. and that stimulates things for some odd reason and I play at problem solving and in so doing…. memories clear up….. just like now…

Freda was always the key player and abuser…. and that is what she wants know one to know… it wasn’t Don… he was just her tool… nope, she was the mastermind and manipulator and Margie saw right through her… ironic, but yesterday hubby pissed me off and I turned and gave him this look….

What planet are you on???

I’m giving that look to Freda, because she wants me to smile while Don, who has been gone for months on military remote assignment is holding me and expecting me to be a gushing baby…. only one problem… my look is because of abuse…

Same look I gave hubby yesterday and I nearly lost it when I did it, it was too funny… Instead I quietly went back to what I was doing…. The pattern of behavior has changed….

The stroke, that I discovered in 2018, after following the surgeons orders… that stroke that has had me baffled as to when it happened……….. was…….

1967 in Big Springs, Texas and I suffered a severe TBI… both show on the MRI…. in 1968, when I pissed off Freda and Peg… they caused another mini stroke and that is why my left leg turned out and I fell off the balance beam in high school…. just wow on humans who swear they are children of god…

Ya know humans make up words daily, just look and gods, heaven and hell are just more made up words by people who would rather own you than know you… I find all religious like that… they sold their humanity for words….

Just wow…..

What is coming, may wake up a few people… but the silver tongues will come out to play and mental illness will be enabled….

#TimesUp #WhyIDidntTell #MeToo

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV stomping on white man’s voodoo….

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