Stenosis, the Heat Sensation… my Aha moment…

Here we go again….. think of Olivia Newton John… an that’s exactly how I feel… Here I go again… with the aha moments…..

The heat sensation of Stenosis, especially if you have it in your spine AND neck, which I have had since the Japan beating… circa 1968, for christians my parents are very ignorant….

I wrote sometime back… did you know I have not gone back an read any of this junk, I remember it all, so much for not having edetic memory… sorry I digress…

I wrote a while back about sweating and that weirdness… well, I figured the thyroid was the problem or at least the levothyroxine drug from hell… I still think that is a drug they manufactured to control the female world population… because it changes you in all kinds of ways…. been over a year since I quit it… oooops, sorry I digress…

The sweaty, prickelly feeling… It happens when I sneeze, it happens when I stretch my body into a back bend from standing position, it happens when I stretch, it happens when I’m sitting in my recliner… okay, curious???

My aha moment… I had leg surgery at El Paso in 2011, when something happened on their operating table… another story… before and after that surgery, the nerve in my leg will vibrate in friction or spasm, you name it and it gets hot… get where I’m going???

Same thing happens with my head… remember, before I quit the thyroid drug all those motor skill problems, cognitive problems, sweating problems, yada yada, yawn…..

It’s always been stenosis…. no other issue… just flat out mylopathy, neuropathy and autonomic neuropathy with stenosis… an it started when I pissed off Freda and Peggy at the off base housing in Japan in the fall of 1968… that was the birthday present dad promised me as he left for Japan on my birthday….

They tried to silence me again….. holy crap on a cracker are they in for a rude awakening….. why???

Because I remember….

At no time in the past, should my body been operated on, instead the Air Force and VA used me as a guinea pig, instead of doing their job…. doubt that??? Ask the families of those 70 veterans dead at that VA home in MA….. go ahead I dare you….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie…. just wow on how every doctor got it wrong….

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