How’s it swinging today??? Stimulus in the house!!!

How’s your day going???

Our stimulus showed up in the bank account today… and after using that fancy diesel dodge truck as a bank for 14 years… it got paid off today….

What was left from our stimulus, is sitting in my freezer…. and we just finished our shopping and ripping the meat down into freezer bags for sealing… those machines overheat so easy, but boy do they save on food storage…

So yep, thank you stimulus… my freezer is looking good… and the shelves were empty in a lot of areas of Wal-mart… people stocking them and people taking it right off the shelf…

We are on restricted movement till the end of May and we will see if we get back to the new normal… which, just a FYI… shopping is not fun at all and I don’t like shopping to begin with, so this, with the mask, distance and not knowing if someone is telling you to fuck off, because ya can’t read their lips, let alone hear them clearly….. sigh, twilight zone movie, here we come… so we sent masks to our daughter, from Hawaii… the mask will never hide her expressive eyes though… just saying… you know when she is pissed… warning… lol

All in all, everyone was very pleasant and employees were helpful and all kept a good distance and that is a new normal that will take me time to get used too… I don’t go out that often as it is…

Costco is my next shopping trip and see surgeon, if no surgeon, stock up on supplies that I can get and dogs meds… and come home and hide, again…..

Health and well being… well lets see, I am seeing more of my teens years that are not involved with trauma, will I remember more… your guess is as good as mine and the neurologist…

As for the neck… lets put it this way, anyone who knows me, knows I curl up in my recliner and sit in all positions… I haven’t been able to do that in years, until recently, because of the exercises and only a short while… my neck is key to the issues with my shoulders and the muscles connected to them and the back… I’m learning…

Health records and memory… most of it has come back and I know, when I do full research on my records the VA gave me a copy of… I’m going to find a large amount of negligence and malpractice on the part of VA doctors and the system… after so many vets dying in VA care recently, because of Covid and lack of staff and PPE’s… VA death care is not new and I don’t have to prove it, it’s in the news daily…

Mental health… holy crap on a cracker… well, lets put it this way…. I don’t plan to ever grow up and if anyone doesn’t like how I am, behave or act… I’ll just tell them I have a condition that is a direct result of christians trying to break a 5 year old child and what you see before you, is exactly what you get… Want to make something of it??? lol… so attitude, good, no depression, no nightmares, no PTSD outbursts…. nope…. just,

Margie coming out to play…. one other thing picking up speed, involuntary movement…sent a raw egg flying yesterday an my kitchen is looking like a war zone, getting that hard to control direction… just another product of child abuse life long damage, now imagine the brain trying to heal, if the body is still struggling 60 years later….

Stay safe…. I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

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