Aha moments…. I Remember…. 1967!!!

The cervical stenosis is old news an I even wrote when the injury happened an who did it an why….

Japan, a few months after Webb AFB covered up the 2nd degree assault, which for you rookies is attempted murder, which left me with the stroke an severe TBI in 1967 at age 13… by Japan, I was waking up an making memories an I pissed off mommy dearest an sister….

That beating changed the dynamics of the household, because I was the key to Dons military career not ending with a dishonorable….

After I finally came out of the Japan beating, I had a herniated C5-6 in my neck… I already had skeletal damage thru my whole body… but the damage to my neck is what takes from my memories an causes loads of ugly symptoms….

Okay, just wow on this aha moment… when I showed hubby the Diagnosis an symptoms for Cervical stenosis, he said yep, thats it, all of it… meaning all my health issues…. so, yea…just wow on getting my memories back to 1967…. just wow…

I wonder if I will dream again????

Yep, these aha moments… I’m guessing these hot moments with my skull are related to the stenosis, an the fatigue, an the headaches, an the motor skills an the mobility an the incontence…. so many surgeries done, that should have never even got further than talking…. in fact, all of them, an their are so many major surgeries, so many….

This moment has left me drained… Just wow, my christian military white parents beat upon a child, to make her do what they wanted…. they wanted to own what they never had… a soul!!! MINE!!!

That sounded a lot like the evangelicals trying to take my reproductive rights… again, just wow on the dumb fuckers that think we are going to let them…..

Sgt USAF DAV I remember Margie…..

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