50 years of Amnesia, less focus, more remembering…

Ya know I had eye surgery over 6 months ago and I still got wonky vision… and I think I know why… follow up appt in May, if it don’t get cancelled….

Lately, with the Covid19 virus, the economy and watching world powers jostle for position, to dominate America… my brain really hasn’t been on this journey to remembering… the world’s problems seem to have taken their place or so I thought….

Lets start off with the anger portion of this drama… I couldn’t talk or think about what had happened to me or my children, without the anger boiling to the surface… I felt it in my heart beat and I felt it in my brain and it ripped at my soul …. or at least those things used to happen ….

I have said from the get go, knowledge is power on this journey and most people with brain injury, don’t go more than a few days with memory loss and sometimes up to a couple of years… but to go 50 plus years… it’s rare and I wasn’t aware how rare, until some yahoo in another country wrote a paper on me… and the world got smaller with FB scrutiny and Twitter’s bigotry… so I withdrew and stopped my progress out of fear of the public… or was that just an excuse???…

Honesty is very important on this journey….

Regardless how or why I make progress, it is progress and I’m remembering my teen years and when the memory plays before my eyes, it doesn’t scare me, anymore, than the memory of what the Air Force and federal government did… doesn’t mean I’m going out of my way to get seen or heard… I don’t need the distratctions… why???

Because I’m remembering and that is more important than any acknowledgement or publicity….

I’m remembering… and a thought strikes me as hubby knows the truth of the matter… is it time to quit messing with the neuro dude and just get what I need or play the game a little longer… hubby knows this meaning….

Covid19 did me more favors than I thought possible….. the lack of peace and quiet on Hawaii… just makes me ready to leave….

Those hiccups by the virus and noise on Hawaii, are buying me time as I come to the end of the road, to ….

Remember… Margie…. Sgt. USAF DAV

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