Holy crap on a cracker, are we there yet???

Trump comes on TV, we change the channel, and try not to gag…

How’s your day going???… Mine, I be nice an toasty at this moment or baked… your choice of vanacular’s…

We have been discussing our options, preparing for the worse and hoping for the best… like we always do, when our plans get put aside, because the planet has other plans… nothing new on that front, adjust and wait….

We know that we can’t leave here any sooner than next spring… so, work on the house… freak over my ceiling color paint choices and convince hubby, we can cram a lot of stuff in those 2 sheds, so I can stage the house for sale….

I plan to have our realtor do a pocket listing when it’s time, to see if interest is there… by that time, real estate will have changed, be prequalified or don’t expect to see a home for sale if it’s occupied… why would I risk exposure for “lookie lou’s”???

Hubby making the outside even more gorgeous, me, I’m just trying to figure out how to pack all this junk back into those sheds!!! yea….

But that is a ways off and first, antibody testing to see if we had it already….

I got to give it to the PT kids, those exercises do work and one lets me know, just how hard Hula dancers work to learn the hula… that exercise tells me I’m alive, it hurts so good… as for the neck, doing what I need to keep it in place… the more I read about stenosis, the more I realize it’s been a part of my life, since childhood… thanks for the body truama mommy an daddy… NOT!!!

Anyhow… The virus is only impacting us, because it is impacting all of us… but Hawaii island still only has a small number of active cases…. I think if they test a lot of us for antibody, they will find, a lot of us, had the virus and didn’t know it… time will tell….

Day started, nice cool weather, which is not normal this time of year, we usually are humid… but it is so nice an cool and comfortable… you appreciate being here during the lock down…..

As for depression on this crazy journey out of darkness… no complaints… I’m busy and active, not on the PC so much, my wrist is not happy with it, but doing all the other things I do… I feel no depression… which, I will take…

As for progress, oh my, the mental side has been interesting and very rewarding… the ability to articulate to hubby, when explaining the mental side of the journey and how and why the players did what they did… he is learning… what fun it will be when we go home, as I will continue using those tools… I wonder if lessons will be learned???

No, I think that is why sharing this journey anymore is done for me… it’s about the story and the will to survive the brutality of christians and Trump is a prime example of that brutality….

I will always be growing… I took my life back and my soul and the brain thrives on knowledge… you can’t do that when you believe in gods… it won’t let you… it wants to be supreme….

Not knowledge, knowledge just wants you to learn more and question all….

Stay home, stay safe….

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

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