House hunting, HI & WA….

As Trump-has silenced the truth, what gifts do I bring into play???

I wrote way back a depression was in the horizon, because of Trump an his base’s need to control women’s reproductive rights an here we are….

Reality is always a strange bedfellow, if you have never lived with reality… I find it ever so refreshing….😈

Knowing what is to come an my banking on our already having had the virus twice, our hopes are floating in the clouds with millions of others looking for the end that will not come anytime soon….

Our reality, we may get to move home, if only a deep recession is happening… a Depression, would stop us an push us for a larger house, in a better area, with a view of the ocean….

I told hubby, its too early to tell the way the economy will go world wide… but if 1918 is any example, the yahoos raising hell too open up, will be the ones to cause the most deaths…..

Doom an gloom, no… just looking at the facts, science an my own lil gift…. I’m really hoping for the light, but I see a whole lot of dark…

Pottersville could become a reality, all because Americans agenda was about anything but America….

I remember Margie… Sgt USAF DAV

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