Illusion of Aloha, but life goes on….

The startling thing about Hawaii, the illusion of aloha…

Don’t get me wrong, we have met some wonderful people who embody the spirit of aloha, but after that initial illusion was gone, what is left, is anything but aloha…

This morning we were out doing our mile and very little traffic an off in the distance we can hear and feel the vibration of a strong sound system with enhanced bass…. as he turned the corner, he didn’t slow down, nor did he acknowledge we were on the road, in fact, he gunned his diesel and went past us blasting and the vehicle coming towards us was so busy on his gadgets, he nearly ran off the road and hit us!!!…

Both men, both Hawaiian and both behaving like bullies… and honestly, that is really about all we see and we see a wide variety of people on our little street, because of all the construction going on, so business is busy and traffic has not let up… yet we get to experience this kind of aloha daily, and sometimes it is hourly…..

Crime is already up and we have set up our RING devices, so that at least we will get them on camera when they try to rip us off…. but what do you do, when all you are doing is walking down the street, because there are no side walks in the jungle and Hawaiians do all they can to intimidate you????

Sounds like Trumpism is alive and well and Hawaii is no different than any other state that promotes bigotry and hate through superstion, bigotry and religion….

Welcome to the new normal…. and boy howdy am I working on a way to get us out of here as soon as it is safe…. and that you can bank on…. if I can find a place devoid of Trumpism…..

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

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