Hawaii, land of NOISE!!!!

Ever go to bed so tired your head hits the pillow an you are out….

We live that daily an when roosters start at 2AM an are still going off hours later…. Hawaii is not paradise, it is hell on earth….

Between the morons who think I should listen to the boom boom of the sound system more expensive than the junker they are driving an I should have to listen to THEIR NOISE no matter the time of day or night…

So if you are looking for paradise??? Hawaii is not it…Hawaii is just another American state, with arrogant zealots who believe in gods an think peace an quiet is alien….

So much for respecting the land or seniors… A con is a con an Mauna Kea protest was a prime example of Trumpism spreading like a plaque of religious mental illness…

I remember Margie… Sgt USAF DAV, you can have paradise, I am ready to leave hell on earth….but would prefer the space ships come back an pick up the stupid morons they dumped on our planet… HOPE springs eternal😏😏😏

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