Memories, like the corners of my mind… audio

I learned this rhyme after the near death in Big Springs, Texas 1967 and soon after our arrival at Johnson AFB, American Village housing, Japan….

This is the memory before the beating, that nearly killed me for a 3rd time… ever hear this before… it’s only the chorus…

I’ve often wondered why certain memories sit in such a way, that they never die like the memores that I have resolved… such as…

The TV beating, that left me with body wide multiple blunt force trauma fractures… or

The Boob incident, that left me with throat damage and nearly a full year lost…. or

The Big Springs incident, that left me dead and I got to see, that life after the heart stops is silence and cold and dark…. or

The Japan incident, that left me with damage to my spine and cervical area of my neck, which now threatens my life… or

The Okinawa incident, that took a couple more years from my childhood and future…. or

Traumatic brain injury is not a straight forward issue, problem, disease, disorder or ache…..

Each one of us that have them, know life will never be the same….

I spent the last couple years looking back at the above mentioned moments in time… from my birth, till the last blow by daddy dearest on Okinawa… the memories are written in stone, and I kind of hope they stay that way… but thanks to what those people did to a childs body…. the christians evil may have more say over what happens than anything, maybe, sort of… okay not a snow ball chance in hell does it have a say…. but the pain is a constant reminder of what christians did to a child and are still doing to children today and justifying…. just wow…

Anyway…. still trying to figure out the direction to go with this blog, delete, not delete… quit, or not quit…

About all this is doing for me, making a kind of diary of my thoughts and so much of them are not for this screen…. not yet….

Anyway, the rhyme has a connection to a memory and someday that memory may make it’s self known to me and it will just be one more memory put to rest….

The last line of the rhyme…. funny how I can remember 6 verses and not remember other things….

Along came a cho cho, hit him in the booboo and now the poor monkey is dead, Amen, now the poor monkey is dead…..

I remember… Margie…. Sgt. USAF DAV

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