tbifindingme.com traumatic brain injury….

The site I started with, traumatic brain injury finding me……

How It got redirected, got me…I openly admit I was having cognitive issues an left the domain management to the pros an I guess that left some back door open an censorship took over….

If readership does not go back to where it was, this site will expire an disappear…..

As I pointed out to Word Press, if censorship continues, we will no longer do business… just that easy….

How my site got redirected when I don’t know how to do it, speaks volumes for the corruption an degradation of freedom of speech unless you are a lying, raping, murdering christian…easy peasy….just look at Trump….

So we will see if things change, if they do, I will get back to sharing my 50 plus years of recovery from traumatic brain injuries that christians just couldn’t resist doing to a child…. go figure on white mans boogey man god….

I remember Margie…Sgt USAF DAV

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