tbifindingme.com Has been HIJACKED!!!

Got me on this one, and frankly, I’m so over this site…. but the original site for this blog has been hijacked and may explain why the traffic for the site is gone… now how is that possible??? Aren’t there measures in place to protect our blog sites and domains??? Are we paying for a service we aren’t getting???

At least I haven’t had to sign in everytime I get on here… at least that hasn’t happened in about a month….

So no clue what happened, but I did put a request into the app owners and asked how did it happen to begin with… but it may explain why I went from thousands of reads to nada….

Well I was getting bored with this anyway… so I think It’s time I pulled my credit cards off these sites and let this expire….

Thought things were weird with this site… now I know….

You been warned, this is not a secure site, nor are any of the others… explains volumes….


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