Hawaii holding firm….

We may not have the most popular leaders on Hawaii, but at least we know the reality of living in the middle of the pacific….

For such terrible leadership, per you white peeps, we have the fewest deaths an infections of Covid…but will it last???

Guess asian looking is not such a bad thing, FYI, I gots a great gran ma that is 100% asian, so its Indian in me, gives me that prissy attitude , much like christians…. just thought you should know before your bigotry set in judgement….really is a white thing or man…your choice…

So we will get back to a semi normal sooner than later, but between you an me, I bet this next winter is going to be a humdinger…..

Watching christian Trump take funds from WHO is like a christian telling me Mary was made pregnant by a magical angel??? REALLY??? Rape is rape, no matter what words you put on it….or are you a member of Slithering😂😂😂

Keep smiling an hang in for the long haul…We are resigned to the fact that we are safer from you peeps on Hawaii, than by moving home an living among you….

Well, if I got to, I got to suffer….on Hawaii…its real painful, just saying…. NOT🤪🤪🤪

I remember Margie…..

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