November, Do Not Disappoint us….. Stable genius failed America…

Good morning America…. as I watch Trump toot his own horn, while millions of you are out of work, and thousands of you are dying an no heath insurance an who caused all this???

Trump an his base and the Republican party….

Truth has value an religions will always be on my hate list… but America was founded on freedoms and liberties and all Trump and his base an Republicans have done, suppress those feedoms an turn America into a 3rd world country….

No clue about you, but the meltdown I’m looking for…

When Biden beats Trump, not only in Electoral votes but by the popular vote….

My Vote is for a man, who believes in god an says he is a true christian….. President Joe Biden…. an from this atheist, that says volumes….. because I truly believe HOPE is all we have after this mess Trump an his deep state caused!!!!


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