Nature on Hawaii

Our acre was bare, so what I show you we grew from seed, or bought baby trees or baby plants an this is the result…

All avocados are from seed an this tree produced in 3 years an as you can see year four will be a bumper crop of Haas avocados….

The pineapple is baby plants off the original 5… we have 9 producing now, all white pineapples….

The grapefruit tree is producing, as is the lemon an orange trees…

All we planted, including hauling in dirt, as we live on lava rock….

orange tree
1 of 9 pineapples
baby avocados

They say we are going to have el nino, means bad storms… so we hope the fruit on the trees make it to harvest… this will be a yummy year for our little acre…

I imagine we will have about 20 baby plants off the pineapples that are producing….. yummy….


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