Breakthroughs are glorious….

I wrote a while back a change was coming…

My whole purpose of this journey was simply to remember what was taken from me, by being beat to death a couple of times by christians…

It’s ironic how religion and psychology do not mix and how, when you point out the insanity of said religion… you just gained a couple new heads on your shoulders, and hydra be thy name… and I’m good with that…

Hubby is having breakthroughs and his thought process that has been formed by religious up bringing is making the journey out of that mental illness, even though he left religion over 30 years ago, some of it’s teaching or brainwashing is still ingrained into his psyche… and I’m like a proud momma… he’s making awesome progress, little steps is all I can ask for, but equal footing is my objective and not the sexist behavior that 2 male doctors have exhibited and so has hubby… but hubby is growing, the doctor’s never will…

Just because you have a license and a college degree, that does not signify intelligence, it just means you can pass tests…. what you do with the knowledge and how you treat others, now that shows your intelligence and my 2 male doctors, are just exhibiting male dominace which always comes down to religous beliefs…. and play the game I will and checkmate in the end… I always do, as hubby pointed out… and after 26 years together, the man knows, I’ve never been wrong, when it comes to humans and their arrogance, including my own… but at least I own mine… these men, not going to happen, just like Trump not owning he murdered thousands of Americans, because it was profit over human life… True Story…..

As for the blog, it has served it’s purpose…. I have just a few medical questions about issues I have lived with since childhood and make sure I am doing all that is necessary to improve my quality of life and I will be done with doctors…

Hubby has become my backup and the blog, just another intrusion into our lives that isn’t necessary nor needed… quess peeps will have to pick up the phone and check in once in a while…..

Good luck, stay home and stay safe… the virus is not done by any means and Trump and his relgious base will costs millions of lives in the long run….

Anyone want to know about us, you’ll just have to pick up the phone…..

Stay home and stay safe…. I plan to phase out this blog….

I remember Margie and thank you for following her journey…Sgt. USAF DAV

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