Truth… does it have Value???

Today we celebrate or some of you celebrate a mans death, who’s birth was the result of magical rape, ACCORDING to man….

Isn’t it amazing how MAN made RAPE….. MAGICAL???

A wise man once said, tell the truth an be empathetic to those in need…. That mans skin color was not white, nor was the man some of you call god…

But you christians think white humans are the only god, man is the god an rape is magical….

Humans are made with a HUMAN sperm from a human man an a woman with a human egg…

When magic becomes religion, mental illness is the norm….

Are you mental like Trump or are you human like the wise man above????

You can’t fix stupid when you worship gods that man made to control women’s reproductive rights….

I remember Margie… Sgt USAF DAV, Covid19 don’t give a damn about your man made god or gods an rape was an never has been magical except for the rapist.. isn’t that right Trump an Kavanaugh???

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