The Rapture is Here, where Are You???

Watching the religious bigots of our time tell me how I should live an die, yet those same yahoos are afraid to stand in the suns light for fear of being seen for what they are… Cons… purveyors of snake oil….

This earth made virus from our only god, planet earth…don’t give a rats ass about a god who says rape is magic… Hogwarts in real life in the guise of a bible written by my granpa King James… an you yahoo’s fell hook line an sinker…. Pied piper of humans an I be related to the yahoo, oh yea…just a FYI, that means human, not magical…

I will go to my grave, never understanding the mental illness so pervasive in society, because society thinks someone/something… is smarter than them???

Just wow on the dumbing down of the mass’s for a Man made heaven???

Well, your rapture is here an I hope with all I am, it has a few certain names on its list….

Ocean rolling, weather was loud with booms an bangs, reflecting the night I had, because a Nuero psychologist thinks he’s smarter than me, until he tried reverse psychology on me…an that one statement from my appt the other day woke me at 4AM…

How I handle it will reflect upon my own advanced IQ… I think this time, hubby will be present for the show… My only question, will the arrogant educated doctor have a clue… just as with the dentist, this kind of sexist behavior is indicative of a people who think they are superior in mind because of the god they worship…

So let the rapture begin an those that pact the church, may covid19 become a reminder of your humanity you sold for mans, man made heaven…

I died twice, once strangled, the next time beat to death….no god saved me… just my desire to see those who hurt me 6 feet under….an meet the darkness that awaits them…did I mention the silence???

Boo…. death is nothing like the bible or what Dr Oz promotes…. ask someone who isn’t delusional…haven’t met one religious person who isn’t… delusional, that is…including Dr Oz… just wow on selling your soul for notoriety an money….True Story…

I remember Margie… Sgt USAF DAV

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