Making Excuses or Facing Reality??? TBI Journey…

If nothing else on this bumpy road…. it’s been a eye opener and hubby has learned a few things on the way…Always nice when you see people grow….

I have a decision to make… This decision impacts many, but it will primarily ask much of me and hubby…

We are such small specks on the humanity of time and time waits for no human… and it will go on long after we are extinct, time that is….

This morning, hubby got what I was talking about, with the sexist behavior of the 2 male doctors, 1 a dentist, the other neuro… why did hubby finally get it??? Because he did the exact same thing… and it comes down to the indoctrination of christianity and how men are taught to look at life and most of all the girls of this world…. and when I pointed it out… his aha moment happened… so even that old boy, can learn new behavior….

I can’t do what is next without his help and if we aren’t on the same page, we will do more damage than good…. so it is vital, he at least gets a understanding of what is to come and be a willing participant or we both have to accept the consequences of our choices…. lost yet??? lol

Lets put it this way… I will handle the neuro psychologist the same way I am handling the dental specialist…. I will let them “think” they have control and that couldn’t be farther from the truth…. but it’s what you do, when you deal with christian or muslim men in society or positions of authority… let them “think” they know something….

Hubby already knows how I plan to handle neuro…. and I smile at my “Checkmate move”…..

This virus has thrown all our lives into some kind of turmoil… mine, because no dental while the outcome could be deadly… so we are looking at moving… as our property went up in value, even in this mess of a recession… it is an island… not like there be lots of choices on an island…

So what do we do… well, if appointments happen, then directions could change… but the reality… this will rebound this fall and cause even more issues with health care and the economy… and depression could fast be on the heals of the recession I talked about years ago…..

I can hear loud music in the background, a rig up the road and the sound of birds… will it get bad here??? I hope not, I truly hope not… My freezer is already getting low on some things, so creative in my meals……

I will get what I need from the health care professionals, but they changed the playing field… I’m just changing home plate….

Keeping the dentures out for a couple of days, made a big difference, so neuro and I are both right, there is something about my bones that makes it impossible for me to wear dentures comfortably… I put them in, an half hour later, sick to my tummy and headache… oh well, today, brownie munch…….

Some day, we will look back an ask why women allowed themselves to be made servants of penis…. I mean for real, only the religious believe you have to have a mate for sexual satisfaction… talk about frigid humans….

On that graphic note… Stay home, stay safe….

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

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