Sounds of Nature…

I can hear the various birds, making their calls….

The parrot up the street, screeches loudly, a noise that I would miss if they moved….

Roosters shouting at all hours of the day and night, telling everyone within ear shot… this is my turf….

Once in a while a rig drives up or down the street, but for a Friday… it’s quiet and we have been up since 5AM…..

News is playing in the background and I spent my morning reading the science and checking to see if what I wrote a while back has come to pass… in the science…. and so far, it has….

Antibody testing… it will be a while before we can get it, but I am ever so curious if what we had in New Mexico that 2 labs couldn’t identify… one lab was William Beaumont at El Paso and the other was my hubby’s doctor’s office…. we had already been thru the H1n1b swine flu and I had the H1n1a in Japan… and neither lab could identify our virual pneumonia….

Come Dec of 2019 and hubby, who is doing all the errands because of my dental health, picked up something from either the grocery store or the pot store, either way…. his symptoms are exactly what COVID19 are…. so, in my book, we had the virus twice… only a test will tell if I’m right….

Hubby walking the dogs, me, I did my exercises… not wearing the dentures is giving my facial muscles and tissue a break and keeping the mandible partial out all the time except to eat… I haven’t woke up in the middle of the night with mouth issues… so again, Neuro confirmed my suspcions….

Our island still not shut down and my fresh veggies are about gone, so it will be can eating… but I got lots of flour and milk and eggs… I can make anything… got the gheradeli brownie stuff sitting out for another big pan of those… yummy and dig out my fat clothes…. maybe they should stay in the box an we just fantasize making them….. less calories…

Neither of us sick from our outing 7 days ago, so we are safe… but again, I think we had the damn virus twice already….. which will make it easier for me to get the dental done, if I show I already had it…. hope springs eternal…. since moving looks imposible for now….

Here comes the family, back from the walk… chores to do, things to think about…

You know, mentally, my mental health is exactly where it should be… so writing this blog… just like all the other stuff with this journey, I figured a lot out with out them and they just confirmed…. now it’s down to is it the stenosis causing me black out periods or is it the brain injurie’s or do I have silent strokes…. or…..

Do I have all 3????? He did say, I was not a localized patient…. because???

I have too many man made christian injuries… that a child could never do to themselves….. and that you can take to the bank…..

I remember… Margie, Sgt. USAF DAV

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