Bouncing off walls yet???

Everyone thinks it’s oh so great to be retired!!!

Well, I be thinking a good portion of you are climbing the walls about now…

Do I have any advice…..


I retired in 1996 at 42 years old, I’m 65 now… I found things to keep me busy… you know…. remembering!!! an what a joy that has truly been… okay, maybe, well…. I think the jury is still out on that one….

How’s it going in your world??? Our’s is still busy with traffic up and down Makuu… I really hope they got this handled, but I wrote a while back, that I agreed, the virus has been around for at least a decade and I & hubby want testing for antibodies… If I’m wrong, I’m wrong… I can live with that… I didn’t push unproven drugs, like pimp Trump….

So, we got sunshine and lots of it, some mild winds coming in off the ocean… birds are happy, I hear singing from every window….

The new Ring camera view is a kick…. if it’s illegal, the cops will get it, when they ask…. even I won’t take on the Hawaii mafia… nope, I likes my feet on dry land….

If they can keep the virus from spreading here… we should be okay, but it’s not going away, it’s been around for a while an this mutated version is what hubby got in Dec…. me, I just sniffled for a couple days and done… hubby, got close to going to ER… I’m a good nurse/doctor….

Nettles tea, the natural kind, is good for congestion and babies can drink it too… plus it helps hydrate them….

Chores to do, news to hear… an hope, like everyone else, we can get back to what ever is normal in this matrix by this time next year…. this is going to be painful for my kids and theirs….

Stay home, stay safe…

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

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