2:30 & Thanks Oahu VA for the pain!!!

Incompetent, negligent health care is all government employees know how to do an finally after 40 years of death care!! America is getting the same kind of health care veterans have complained about for decades!!!

Not fun to watch your family suffer an die alone is it!?!?!?! What do you think VETERANS have been doing for you since the civil war an what do you yahoo’s do???

Pray to a god that tells you rape is magical by man made angels!!! Do you not see the insanity of worshipping a god that tells you RAPE is magic???

Thank you christians for making the one thing we should all appreciate, life, an making said life a living hell…. because YOU can’t live with YOUR choices!!!! an most of all YOU have to play god…much like what Trump an evangelicals are doing…

You can’t fix stupid an If I did, a jail cell would have my name on it, not some man made fake pearly gates to nowhere!!!

Thanks fuckers may 2 AM become your new nightmare!!!

I remember Margie, SGT USAF DAV

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