Jelly Bean binge almost done😂one pandemic activity done…

After 10 bags, we are coming to the end of our shelter in place binge….

I gained 5 pounds, hubby🤬he didn’t gain one….

almost gone

As you can tell, the red, orange, most of the pink are gone, an those are just mine, hubby likes the licorice an white ones….

So far we have eaten 24 ghirardelli chocolate fudge brownies , 2nd round of jelly beans an I am afraid of the next decadent treat I will make…got several brownie mix’s, lots of peanut butter an oatmeal…. decisions decisions as the clock ticks on the 21st century pandemic….

Just a fyi, that elliptical is getting longer sessions, to help get rid of the pandemic binge….dogs growl at it every time I get on it…

Stay safe an stay home, an make memories for the other side of this world pandemic….

I remember Margie… Sgt USAF DAV

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