Hydroxychloroquine… there is an alternative….

When you live with inflamtion disease like I do or my hubby, you learn to do what you can to reduce inflamation in the body…

Mine is from being beaten to death by christians and hubby has RA & Heart Disease…

This drug that Trump keeps pushing… want to talk about a PIMP… Trump is it… that drug isn’t going to save you if COVID19 is an inflamation disease….

If you want to help protect yourself during this virus and the science is right behind it, about it causing inflamation and pneumonia… there are natural ways that you can buy over the counter an leave the true medical staff to perscribe the above drug and not a pimp like Trump….

Hawaiian Astaxanthin is the supplement we have been on for 2 years now… and hubby was in immediate heart failure, he was dying and I was desperate and his RA was being very aggressive… so I added this supplement to our daily diet…. we take the 12mg BioAstin, which you can get thru Costco or those stores that sell all kinds of supplements…

I also added Tumeric to our diet over 10 years ago and I make up a seasoning I put on ALL our cooked food, which has ANTI-Inflamatory herbs, mixed in with the Tumeric….. (tumeric does take a little getting used to, now I can’t imagine eating without it…)

Hubby has a very aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis…. that drug Trump keeps pushing is dangerous and necessary for hubby and millions of patients like him… and he only got a 30 day supply in the mail from ChampVA… so FEMA has stopped patients from getting more than 30 days at a time….

Want to fight this virus and not hurt your mom an dad or brother or sister who may truly need the drug….

Try the natural way…. The neurologist was amazed my nerve induction tests showed negative activity between my muscles and nerves, all because of the herniated C5-6…. by reducing the inflamation in my body, I reduced the number of issues I have daily… same for hubby…. and we didn’t have to take drugs away from patients that need them…. but christians do….

For all the hype that christian Trump puts out there… the planet offers many sustainable ways to fight all diseases… you just have to want to work at a better lifestyle and most of you, want it handed to you…. our reward…

We aren’t sick….. Stay safe and stay home as we watch rig after rig head for the cliffs for a day of gathering and fishing… it is going to be so ugly here when it hits….

I remember Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

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