Fighting the VA system and corrupt military…

Ya know, when the Air Force at Vance covered up the rape an attempted murder of my kids on a federal installation…. my anger reached a height like no other in that moment in time and I tried to cope and thought I was doing a good job…. little did I know the Air Force was doing what it does best, when truth matters… they cover it up and I paid the price, or did I???

I was discharged in 1983, after a board hearing not unlike what the Senate did on Trumps impeachment… it was a joke, when it came to truth and most of all facts… so I applied for VA disability and got it… that was 1984….

In between 1984 and 1998… I fought the VA and it’s bull shit bogus standards….. by 98 I was rated 80% service connected and 20% unemployable, because of my illness, you know… PTSD…. which I never got told about…. so 100% VA disability started in 98….

By the time 2004 rolled around, I had proven so much that was done illegally in the Air Force and the screw up the VA did themselves….

I am now permanent 90% service connected and 10% unemployable….

So for 20 years I fought the system and dealt with a stress level unlike any I faced before… until something happened on the operating table at the El Paso VA, Nov 2011 and my world changed… something happened to my brain and I lost time….

People with TBI, don’t look at the world like everyone else… most of us have experienced death… the heart stopped, but the brain fought back… so for you evangelicals… it’s not the heart that denotes life… it’s the brain and some of you are already brain dead….

I saw death, I faced death, so the only thing about this pandemic that freaks me out… not knowing if hubby will be okay through this… what have I got to fear???

I’ve been on the other side and darkness and silence is all well an good for a short period… but for eternity???…

I’ll pass and continue to do what I do best… Take care of mine….

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

Moral of this story, never give up… I didn’t and never will, my humanity is worth fighting for… humans god, not so much….

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